Monday, March 7, 2011

Lessons in Life and Leadership

…As Inspired by True Stories of Space Exploration

James W. Kennedy, Former Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center

Jim told us story after story about things he learned during his time at NASA. These stories ultimately inspired his creation of some of the 52 tips that he lives by. In the time he was given, he touch on the following 16:

Tip #3: Act With Integrity (story about Bob Cabana, former director of the Kennedy Space Center)
Tip #5: Go the Extra Mile (story about Suni Williams, Astronaut & former deputy director of KSC)
Tip #7: Don't Be Afraid of Failure
Tip #10: Be Proud of Who You Are (story about Sgt. Marek)
Tip #12: Pause to Celebrate Your Accomplishments (story about Roy D. Bridges)

Tip #13: Change is NOT a Bad Thing (story about accepting diversity in the control center)
Tip #15: Keep a Sense of Humor (story about Pete Conrad)
Tip #16: Things Are Not Always What They Appear (story about the Pillars of Creation)
Tip #19: Ships In Harbor Are Safe, But That's Not What Ships Are For (story about Apollo I)
Tip #30: Teamwork Makes the Team Work (must have trust and all voices need to be heard)
Tip #32: LOL...Even At Yourself (story about Brewster Shaw)
Tip #33: Take Time to Mentor...It's Not a Trivial Pursuit (story about Bob Crippen)
Tip #36: It's a Grand Old Flag...Honor It (story about John Young)
Tip #39: Make Beautiful Music...In Your Own Special Way (story about Mannheim Steamroller)

All of it was very touching make you really want to be a better person and leader.

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